Farmer Direct Organic Announces Partnership With Patagonia Provisions

Farmer Direct Organic Announces Partnership With Patagonia Provisions
This new alliance is working to further the push for a more sustainable food system.
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Farmer Direct Organic has partnered with Patagonia Provisions, a subdivision of Patagonia which was developed in response to climate change and the impact of chemical agriculture. The new partnership will allow customers ready access to purchase Farmer Direct Organic products and will contribute to the current push for a more sustainable food system. 

“Farmer Direct Organic is honored to be part of Patagonia Provisions’ carefully curated marketplace,” says Jason Freeman, founder and general manager of Farmer Direct Organic, “Humanity’s salvation is literally in the soil. Patagonia Provisions’ vision of partnering with brands doing right by the earth is a display of true leadership.”

The team is a symbol of the sustainable food revolution in the way that they are striving to produce healthy sustainable food whilst displaying supply chain transparency. 

“Farmer Direct Organic embodies the values we stand for, especially when it comes to superior quality and transparent sourcing,” says Birgit Cameron, Global Director of Patagonia Provisions. “Their pioneering Tested Clean certification and unique single-origin sourcing make their products a great addition to the marketplace.”


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A version of this article was originally published on the site NOSH on Monday, November 9, 2020.


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