$71 Billion Fashion Goods Company to Support Regen-Ag

$71 Billion Fashion Goods Company to Support Regen-Ag
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Kering Group Announces Their Latest Strategy and Projects to Lift the Fashion Industries Game on Global Sustainability and Resilience.
  • Kering is a high-end global group that supplies brands such as Gucci and Saint Laurent, with luxury lifestyle at the heart of their philosophy.
  • As of June 2020, Kering has a net worth estimated at $71 billion and has been setting commitments to sustainability since 2012.
Introduction to Ruminant Nutrition

Kering, a French luxury fashion and goods group, has launched a regenerative agriculture fund for 1 million hectares of land restoration. They are also hosting a Biodiversity Masterclass to selected press examining biodiversity in fashion, and have publicly committed to a positive impact on biodiversity by 2025.

The nature fund is part of their newly launched strategy for conservation in which  1 million hectares of their supply chain farms and range lands will be converted to regenerative farming practices. Specifically, Kering will be supporting farming practices that favour soil and land health, and improve carbon sequestration. 

The nature fund, in partnership with Conservation International, will support regenerative agriculture projects and livelihoods across the globe of up to an additional 1 million hectares. The focus will be on raw materials with larger negative environmental impacts such as cotton, cashmere, and wool to shift the production of the fashion industries to more sustainable methods.

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Introduction to Ruminant Nutrition