A Special Report Demonstrates a Global Shift To Regen Ag

A Special Report Demonstrates a Global Shift To Regen Ag
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The Financial Times is Speaking to Farmers and Leaders Across the World as they Work to Change their Methods, and It's Having an Impact.
  • The series of articles explores the on the ground experience of farmers and how they are adjusting in a post-corona world.
  • Industry giants and innovations are shown to be paving the way forward through the rough times we are in. 
  • Regenerative farming techniques a key component.
RCS - Introduction to ruminant nutrition

The financial times recently published a comprehensive series of articles demonstrating the methods farmers and the broader global industry are employing to achieve sustainability and resilience, as well as address what impact Covid-19 will have on their efforts.

Coverage includes an audio feature that explores what toll corona has taken on farmers and the food industry, and how this has presented opportunities for change. While discussion on such things abound across most media, the feature also asks what actions are realistically available to farmers and those in agriculture?

Other topics covered include the use of methane from pig farms as renewable gas revenue for farmers, the EU Carbon Border tax and its effects on agriculture, and an analysis of Dutch farm processes as they produce the world’s first carbon-neutral egg farmers. The report speaks extensively of everyday farmer experiences, including suffering financial disasters and loss of legacy but also illustrates how these farmers turned their situations around with regenerative methods.

We have also summarized some issues in previous articles, including Thai rice farmers adapting to resilience-based methods of planting, found here, and the industry goods giant Unilever shifting to regenerative farming, found here. Click below to see full report.

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