California Produces Results with Resilient Farming

California Produces Results with Resilient Farming
Charisse Kenion on Upsplash
An Avocado and Citrus Farmer Has Withstood Climate Problems with Crop Cover and Advanced Biocontrol
RCS - Introduction to ruminant nutrition
  • The increase in farmers transitioning to regenerative measures is largely to meet customer demands and increasing pressure from regulators. Some also suggest its a pathway to resilience for farmers wanting to hold onto their assets and increase profits.
  • Chris Sayer’s farm, Petty Ranch, has been in his family for 130 years. Although his production is conventional, he is using many regenerative organic practices relating to soil health and beneficial insect pest management, referring to his methods as ‘resilient agriculture.’
  • Sayer believes that for farmers who grow crops as he does, these methods develop resilience, they build the possibility of being able to tolerate extreme weather changes and still produce well. He also believes that the changes he has made towards soil health is the reason why he has been able to get an extra ten years out of some of his produce trees
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A version of this article was originally published on the site on Friday, May 29, 2020.



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