General Mills in New Venture Switches to Regenerative Dairy

General Mills in New Venture Switches to Regenerative Dairy
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The Project is The Next Step for The Dairy Giant to Support Changes In the Industry By Working With Dairy Farmers and Researchers.
  • Mills has formed a venture to change its dairy supply chains to more regenerative origins.
  • Farmer involved will receive support and guidance as researchers monitor their outcomes.
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General Mills, in partnership with Foremost Farms and consulting with Understanding Ag, has launched a three-year venture to pilot regenerative dairy farming in Michigan.

The announcement is the third regenerative venture the company has launched and is also the first relating to Mills’ dairy supply chains specifically. The company is looking to support and implement regenerative practices with participating dairy farmers, who currently manage over 14,000 acres for the project.

The benefits expected from the changes are diverse, including strengthening community and land resilience, increase water filtration, improve nutrient cycles and reduce soil erosion. The results of which will also become evident in farmer’s pockets.

In order for regenerative agriculture to be successful, it must first be economically viable for farmers as a lever to help build operational and financial resilience,” advised Mary Melendez, chief sustainability and social impact officer at General Mills.

Additionally, General Mills has committed to supporting researchers at the Universities of Cornell and Wisconsin to monitor outcomes from the changes made. The researchers' objective is to create data-backed tools to assist dairy farmers in making regenerative changes, as the call for regenerative practices increases and more companies turn to similar ventures.

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