Regenerative Agriculture Continuum

Regenerative Agriculture Continuum
Industry expert Ethan Solviev discusses the quest to define regenerative agriculture. What is it?
  • Regenerative agriculture is a spectrum or a journey, not a defined destination. 
  • Ranging from 'degenerative - sustainable - regenerative' 
  • Practices fall somewhere in this continuum 
RCS - Introduction to ruminant nutrition

This is a fantastic read for those wishing to wrap their heads around the question of 'what is regenerative agriculture?'.

It includes an insightful chart outlining different farming practices and how they relate to Ethans continuum concept. It includes a snapshot of historical progression of defining regenerative agriculture.


On one end is “degenerative” — those processes, practices and protocols that decrease the health and wellbeing of a place, person or entity. Ecological and social degradation results from fragmentation, over-simplification, homogeneity, and destructive reactivity. There is a loss of possibility, opportunity, and individual agency.


On the other end of the continuum is “regenerative.” Here the vitality of a farm, a community, or a watershed is on-goingly developed and enhanced. The capacity and capability of the place or entity evolves, growing its complexity, interconnectedness, and ability to express its uniqueness into the world. New potential emerges that has never been seen before.


The continuum continues to develop. Looking back at the earliest version pictured above, the mistakes and lack of understanding are obvious –especially on the regenerative end of the continuum. I had experienced so few farms that were actually working towards regeneration, and was not farming myself at the time.


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 Landscape Health
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A version of this article was originally published on the site Medium on Friday, April 13, 2018.



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