Top Ten Podcasts for Regenerative Farming

Top Ten Podcasts for Regenerative Farming
Charlie Arnott, host of The Regenerative Journey.
The Best Online Sources for Expanding Your Knowledge, Know-How and Understanding of What it Takes to Become a Regenerative Farmer
RCS - Introduction to ruminant nutrition

Insightful and high-quality podcasts have never been more useful in a post-Corona world. And we at Regen Farming News have comprised a list of the top ten regenerative agriculture podcasts to keep you informed. The podcasts vary in tone and focus from a 'go at your own pace' approach, to detail-heavy looks at the science behind soil health. For those who are merely curious or if you are actively considering starting your journey into regenerative farming practices, we have the ticket for you. You've got hours of tractor listening ahead!

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast:

The Host, John Kempf, focuses on the professional growers market, tackling the challengers most growers face and the solutions available. This is an in-depth and robust podcast series with a huge back catalog covering a wide range of topics.

Working Cows: 

This podcast has a more 'out of the box' approach where your host will explore better avenues of cattle farm management, primarily to optimize results and increase satisfaction in your chosen lifestyle.

The Regenerative Journey:

[New] For those interested in the long and short term benefits of regenerative agriculture, as well as providing insight into how others left the mainstream and began their regenerative journeys.

Ground Cover:

The podcast created "for farmers by farmers." The series is based in Australia; each episode is guested with a farmer who covers their transition and journey into regenerative farming.

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food:

With a focus on regenerative soil health, our host Koen speaks to food and agriculture pioneers to discuss profit and returns for farmers pursuing growth in regeneration, as well as the people, communities and ecosystems that are involved. While it has an investment focus, it is a treasure trove of insights into future trends and big industry forces.

The Thriving Farmer Podcast:

If making a profit is what interests you most, this may be the podcast for you; covering everything from strategies, tips and tricks to build a working farm.

Herd Podcast: 

We at Regen News are proud supporters of women in agriculture, and this podcast provides innovation and information of women leaders in the farming industry. Topics and guests range from soil experts, agriculturalists in conservation and ranchers who are also food activists.

Biological Farming Roundtable: 

For farmers and food consumers alike, each episode the host interviews a farmer practicing regenerative agriculture. The topics are expansive and cover many areas of farming, including both livestock and crops.

Nutrition Farming with Graeme Sait:

This series is designed specifically for food producers; if you are interested in increasing the flavour, quality and nutrient density of your product, this is the podcast for you. Discussions cover profitability in moving towards produce methods that are sustainable and with strong outcomes.

Down to Earth:

If you are looking for hope and wanting to hear an optimistic voice, it's here. This podcast has a broad range of guests, including farmers, scientists, and ranchers who discuss innovation and change in agriculture. Topics covered include everything from climate change to industrial food systems. 

That will keep you busy for a while!

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