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Posted: Friday, February 7, 2020
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Position Description

The Trustees is an organization with a fascinating past and an exciting future. Our places are open to all and we thrive by involving as many people as possible in what we do. The organization was founded in 1891 by a group of visionary volunteers to protect special places across the state of Massachusetts and to preserve properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value for public use and enjoyment.

We have helped protect more than 50,000 acres, including 25,000+ acres on more than 100 reservations that are all open to the public. We are a nonprofit conservation organization funded and supported entirely by our visitors, supporters, volunteers, and more than 40,000 members.

Appleton Farms, established in 1638, is the oldest continuously operating farm in the country. At almost 1000 acres, Appleton is a sustainable farm that grows healthy and delicious food for local families while modeling best practices that contribute to a diverse ecological landscape where pollinators, birds, and wildlife thrive alongside our crops and livestock – helping to preserve healthy farmland in Massachusetts, forever. The farm hosts year-round educational programs and events that foster a sense of place and deep appreciation for local food, farms, history, and nature.

Appleton is one of The Trustees' most prominent properties and our most important platform for engaging and introducing new people to the agricultural work of the organization. The Trustees have an ambitious vision for Appleton Farms, and the dairy and livestock program will play a critical role in fulfilling that vision. Through the dairy and livestock program, The Trustees seek to strengthen local communities, demonstrate the viability of sustainable, grass-based dairy and livestock practices, increase public demand for local, sustainably produced food, and increase support for the conservation of agricultural land.

The Trustees expects Appleton Farms to be a model for publicly accessible, sustainable, grass-based dairy and beef operations. The agricultural community, the general public, and other Trustees staff should consistently view Appleton as a farm that has high standards for quality in all facets of its livestock operations, including herd management and performance, the quality of its milk, beef, and other animals, the general appearance and cleanliness of the farm, and the way that farm staff welcome and interact with public visitors and volunteers.

Like all farm staff, the Assistant Dairy & Livestock Manager (ADLM) at Appleton Farms will play a critical role in fulfilling The Trustees’ conservation, environmental and agricultural goals and priorities for the farm, which is part of a network of sustainably managed agricultural properties owned and operated by The Trustees. The ADLM reports to the Dairy & Livestock Manager (DLM).

Along with the Dairy & Livestock Manager, the Assistant Dairy & Livestock Manager will be responsible for implementing The Trustees’ grass-based, dairy and beef programs at Appleton Farms. Under the guidance of the Dairy & Livestock Manager, the Assistant Dairy Livestock Manager will help supervise farm staff responsible for day-to-day care and management of all livestock and livestock program infrastructure and will be responsible for the care and performance of all farm animals, the condition of all livestock facilities and equipment, the condition of all grazing infrastructure, and the quality and supply of all forage/feed.

The ADLM also helps to develop and manage the program’s budget. He/she plays a key supporting role in the production and sale of value-added dairy products, working closely with the DLM and other staff to establish and meet the milk quality and milk production goals vital to the success of that enterprise. The ADLM also plays a key role in supporting educational programs and community events on this publicly accessible, historically significant farm.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of five years of hands-on experience in grass-based dairy, hay and forage production, and beef herd management and care.
  • Expert in the use, care, and maintenance of farm and dairy equipment.
  • Knowledge of organic, regenerative principles is highly desirable.
  • Experience with maintaining animal health, including IV administration and artificial insemination, are desirable.
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision and be willing to learn new skills.
  • Must be neat and have an eye for detail.
  • Must possess and display an appreciation for the rich agricultural and social history of Appleton Farms.
  • A positive attitude, flexible approach, and commitment to achieving the goals of Appleton Farms and The Trustees of Reservations are essential.

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