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Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
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Position Description

About us: 

Agtalent exists to support the shift to a global food & farming system that embraces technology, nourishes people and works to improve the health of the land. We believe that access to knowledge, resources, expert services, clearer training pathways and the best talent, are the keys that will unlock this exciting future.

Agtalent ( was launched in 2019 and is mid way through a validation phase. After the successful launches of training, jobs and expert services sections of our platform, in 2020 we will be expanding our offering to include; 

  • a global newsroom curating a selection of the most important daily news affecting our audience. 

  • a resource library where our member organisations can contribute documents, worksheets, presentations, videos or audio files to a searchable global database of knowledge.    

With our initial testing phase complete and a growing online audience, we want to become a website that people check daily to keep their fingers on the pulse of global trends, upcoming events and cutting edge information. 

About the role: 
As a Freelance Content Writer for the Agtalent platform you will be able to harness your writing and editorial skills to bring cutting edge news to our audience. We are seeking freelance writers who can provide the following regular content:

  • Article Review: Short synopsis and dot-point summary of key themes found in an article of interest (10-20 per week). 
  • Feature article/blog: Short and succinct original content piece in the 500 -100 word range (1 per week).

Our primary audience is commercial scale farm owners, managers and staff from all types of production systems, who are open-minded and searching for a new way to manage the land. The platform is initially focused on building an audience in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe. Though we have a growing following in India and parts of Africa.

Crucially, the platform seeks to engage a wider audience beyond the early adopters of the sustainable / regenerative agriculture movements (and all the related labels and buzzwords). We are very aware that the term ‘regenerative agriculture’ can alienate a portion of the farming community. This role involves walking the language tight-rope to ensure our platform is open and inclusive. Our tone of voice will need to focus on the outcomes (healthy soil, rehydration, profits, resilience etc) that can be achieved by adopting practices that create healthier landscapes. Rather than engaging in political and moral arguments (eg meat eater v’s vegan debate or regenerative v’s organic). 

You will work with the Agtalent team and other freelance content providers to search and curate daily global news stories of interest to our audience. Collaboratively selecting content and assigning team members to different focus areas or topics. 

Who we are seeking:  
If you believe you have the creativity, determination, passion and smarts to make our platform thrive, then we would love to hear from you.  Do you have?

  • A sound grasp of Regenerative Agriculture and the broader landscape restoration movement globally.

  • Ability to understand the nuance of various agriculture systems and be able to identify what is or is-not appropriate for a farming audience (support provided). 

  • Qualifications (or in final years of study) in journalism or related discipline is favourable.
  • Meticulous writing skills and experience in writing blog posts or short-form content.
  • A sound grasp of technology (ummm… we are a tech platform after all!)
  • Bonus: any basic graphic design or media skills to help create great content 

What we are offering: 
This is the chance to contribute to an early stage startup with a friendly and open minded team dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world.
This is a freelance position based on a pay-per-deliverable contract payment. We can negotiate the rates for a Feature Article and Article Review based on your experience and expectations.

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