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Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Position Description

Are you looking to join a rapidly growing startup that's already working to partner with forward-thinking brands such as Microsoft, Stripe, and Shopify on reversing climate change, and will support you in doing the best work of your life?

Nori is an 11-person software startup that is connecting people who remove CO2 from the atmosphere with the fast-growing demand for carbon offsets. We’re looking to add one more to our ranks: a project manager.

Why We Need You

Our biggest challenge right now is that we have more interest on the supply side and more potential demand than we can possibly meet! That’s a good problem to have as a business, and it means that we need more hands on deck. Our customers are ready and waiting, and we need your help to execute.

Who You’ll Work With

You’ll be project managing both the Product and Supply teams at Nori. 

Each of these teams work a little bit differently, but they work hand in hand with each other to create an inventory of verified carbon removals that can be sold through our marketplace. As PM for both teams, you will be the main synthesis point between the two. Let’s break each team down, and then we’ll dive into specifics about what your day-to-day will look like.

The Product Team

The Product Team is responsible for the Nori Market, App, Website, and any of the technical/software aspects of Nori’s work. This is a team of two engineers and a designer. To hear more directly from our product team, and to get a sense of the challenges faced in the past and a feel for the different personalities. Product team work with the other teams, Supply, Sales, and Communications to support business development needs. 

The Product team is using a loose Scrum with two-week sprints. The team has so far lacked an actual scrum master, so you will be taking that role on to focus on unblocking the team and increasing their velocity. It’ll be up to you and the team to determine how rigid to be in practicing Scrum’s rules.

The Supply Team

The Supply Team works with Nori Suppliers: anyone who can verifiably remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere. As Nori’s current focus is on our Croplands Methodology, the Supply team is working with farmers as well as the partners and companies around them to enroll cropland into the Nori market. You will streamline and manage how the Supply Team gets work done and lead efforts to scale up this critical work.

Progress on this team is measured by how quickly the farmer data is getting entered into our platform and new farmers are getting enrolled. This team has not had a project manager, but they do have daily standups to discuss progress. Your job will be to put an effective project management structure in place.

You’ll Be Responsible For… 

  • Running Scrum ceremonies for the Product team
  • Clearing obstacles for the Product and Supply teams and protect them from outside interruptions and distractions
  • Building a project management process for the Supply team that feeds in well to what the Product team is building
  • Work closely with the Product Owner who is responsible for synthesizing requirements from stakeholders on all of our internal teams
  • Act as liaison to our external partners who are helping bring in Supply and informing overall product requirements


  • Must be located in or willing to relocate to Seattle, WA in order to work closely with the team
  • Experience with Agile software development and have shipped software to production

Key outcomes and metrics

On the Product side, you’ll be measured by how effectively the team is meeting its goals and producing high quality software that our customers find easy to use.

On the Supply side, you’ll be measured by how you improve the rate at which we are enrolling farmers into our platform.

You’ll be a good culture fit here if you can...

  • Handle a steep learning curve
  • Know what it takes to build software
  • Work with abstract ideas and requirements to create something more concrete
  • Establish an environment where the product team can be effective in accomplishing sprint deliverables
  • Address team dynamics with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Ensure a good relationship between the Product team and Product Owner as well as others outside the team (Supply, Methodology, Sales, etc)
  • Know how to measure progress meaningfully
  • Stay playful and light without taking things too seriously or personally
  • Protect the team from outside interruptions and distractions

Key challenges in this role

You’ll be PMing both the Product and Supply teams at Nori. 

There is a lot of ambiguity in what we’re building, and it’ll be up to you to sort through all that and make sure we’re still hitting our deliverables. You will also be dealing with multiple teams, each with their own stakeholders, and each with their own opinion on what should or should not be included in requirements. You must have a strong sense of self to navigate these waters and lead teams to clarity on what will or will not be implemented in a sprint. There are a lot of educated and strong opinions inside Nori, and it’s your job to distill all those down into something we can build.

What’s the payoff of all this hard/fun work? 

  • You get to work with world-renowned experts in carbon sequestration and marketplace economics.
  • There is a steep learning curve here, and for people who get excited by that, there’s no better place to be.
  • You’re not just working at some mobile ads startup—you’re directly helping build products to reverse climate change.
  • The Product team is pretty well humming in a Scrum format, and there’s opportunity for you to design how exactly the Supply team gets its work done.

We believe in constant growth for our team members

We’re going to be adding more methodologies in the future, which means a lot more projects needing management. If you’re successful in executing with our first Supply team, you could have the opportunity to move into higher level program management and beyond.

Report Directly To The CEO

You’ll work hand in hand with our Product Director, and will report directly to the CEO, Paul Gambill. Paul used to be an Agile project manager and so you two can geek out together on how to implement good Agile practices in these teams. Paul is an engineer, and prefers that if you find a problem you need to escalate, come to him with that problem somewhat well-understood, with a draft of a proposed set of solutions in mind. 

Join us on our mission to reverse climate change

By joining Nori at this time, you’ll help to shape our culture and help us to grow the company we hope to become. You’ll be helping us to solve some of the biggest challenges when it comes to creating a marketplace for carbon removal, from teamwork to technical implementations. You’ll learn a lot about the environment and agriculture. 

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