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Posted: Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Position Description

The Restaurant at Meadowood is a modern American restaurant meant to speak to and positively impact the Napa Valley community while delivering a singular dining experience for every guest. What excites us most is the concept of curation: the forging of relationships with artisans, growers, foragers and other members of this dynamic community. We hope that their stories can meld with ours; that we can be caretakers of this collective vision-sharing it with our guests in a manner at once personal and celebratory.

The Restaurant’s Culinary Garden grows unique, seasonally appropriate crops using organic and sustainable techniques on 3.5 acres. Emphasis is placed on experimentation with new crops and varieties, new growing and cultivation methods, and the utilization of all edible portions of the plant and the plant’s life-cycle. The culinary gardener position offers experiential and hands-on learning that highlights the inner workings of a farm to restaurant relationship.

Gardener's responsibilities:

  • Assist in all regular garden tasks including harvest, planting, weeding, bed preparation, and general maintenance
  • Become familiar with different crop varieties and harvest standards
  • Monitor and report on conditions of crops, equipment, and overall appearance of garden
  • Assist in general upkeep of garden tools and machinery

Candidates should:

  • Speak fluent English, have a driver's license and be able to lift at least 50lbs
  • Be able to perform physically demanding tasks in all weather conditions
  • Have excellent attention to detail
  • Interact and communicate well with garden and kitchen staff
  • Previous gardening/farming experience is preferred but certainly not necessary
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