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Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2020
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Position Description

Strong Agronomy is an innovative regenerative agricultural producer of certified organic blueberries, cannabis, and cannabis nursery stock in Watsonville, CA. We’re founded on the belief that Regenerative Agriculture and decentralized local food production is the only long term viable alternative to our current agricultural ecosystem. Our mission is to grow healthy plants by making the most efficient use of the sun, air, water, and nutrients. We’re currently reviewing candidates to oversee day to day operations in our Coastal Star Farm Cannabis Nursery.


This person should hold at least a BA in a Scientific discipline from a major university or be extremely open minded towards innovative regenerative agricultural practices with a strong work history in organic crop production. This person should show a pattern of leading teams in an increasingly responsible fashion and have a proven track record in analytical trouble shooting. Must be able to handle basic farm physical work tasks such as lift 50 lbs, stand for extended periods of time, etc.

General Description:

The Nursery Operations Lead (NOL) is responsible for overseeing the on-site operations of our Cannabis Nursery. This position works directly with the Cultivation & Order Fulfillment Teams to ensure proper execution of the nurseries Master Crop Plan. The NOL requires critical thinking to schedule and properly train team members, make day-to-day operational decisions, and adapt to a rapidly changing work environment. This position ensures key performance indicators are in place and production targets are met.

Required Skills:

  • Clear, concise, and consistent communications via email, phone, text, and in person
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Exceptional personal organization & attention to details
  • Ability to garner support & motivate teammates
  • Ability to delegate projects and tasks in a methodical & organized fashion
  • Ability to develop, maintain, implement, and review Nursery policies and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Ability to efficiently manage budgeting constraints.
  • Above average proficiency with spreadsheets & data management systems
  • Ability to problem solve & create “outside the box” solutions with limited resources
  • Spanish speaking (moderate fluency at the minimum)

General Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Weekly Labor Management using predetermined schedules & task allocation
  • Execute all facets of the crop plan set by CEO and Sales Team
  • Facilitate weekly team meetings with Assistants, cutting and sticking team lead, seedling prop lead, and maintenance team
  • Create an Action plan of projects and tasks
  • Check in on action plan items daily with all employees who are responsible for tasks on the action plan, hold accountability
  • Recruit, interview, hire, train, & retain team members as needed
  • Train Assistants and Greenhouse technicians to properly perform operations that comply with Nursery SOPs
  • Ensure Assistant Leads are professionally training and supervising all nursery employees
  • Provide a weekly email summary to the CEO on operations status and upcoming budgetary needs
  • Submit weekly purchase requests to CEO/CFO 
  • Schedule special labor needs for big work pushes
  • Create weekly production schedule to fulfill crop plan
  • Support Assistants in working with plant health team lead to ensure fertigation system is operating correctly 
  • Support Assistants to take on projects such as loading and unloading greenhouses
  • Other Nursery related tasks as needed from time to time
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