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Posted: Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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Position Description

Humble Umbel Farm is a small-scale minimal-till farm, growing on 1 acre outside of Hillsborough, NC. We specialize in year-round production of lettuce, salad greens, root vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, as well as high tunnel tomatoes, cucumbers, and various other vegetable crops.

We follow the National Organic Program rules and use OMRI approved materials. Our farming approach focuses on plant health and nutrient density, and utilizes various amendments, organic fertilizers, inoculants, foliar sprays, liquid fertigation, and mulches. We believe that healthy plants are immune to pests and diseases and we minimize even the use of organic approved pest/disease control substances.

We use "market garden" systems and techniques, including 30 inch beds, various hand tools and a BCS walk-behind tractor when needed. We employ the use of unheated high tunnels, shade cloth, and sprinklers to grow crops out of season.

It is our mission to demonstrate that small-scale ecological farming can be productive, profitable, fun, meaningful, and play an essential role in local communities in terms of providing healthy food, educating the public, pioneering resilient farming systems, contributing to the local economy, all while feeding the soil & giving back to the land.

About the Role:

We are looking for one more person to join our tight knit farm crew this season! We are seeking a hard working individual who is a quick learner, self-motivated, can get along well with others, has excellent time management skills, and can maintain a sense of humor throughout a long day’s work (no matter the weather)! An interest in learning about organic food & flower production is also a must. It is very important that our team is made up of folks who are positive, creative, curious, communicative, reliable, and committed.

You'll be involved in all aspects of food and flower production- including seeding, bed prep, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, trellising, high tunnel construction, mulching, harvesting (lots of harvesting!), bouquet making, and selling at farmers markets. You must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs, stand for extended periods of time, and crouch or bend over for extended periods of time. As a small-scale market garden, we do many things by hand and this job is very physical.

Previous farm work experience is highly valued, but not essential. We work 5 days a week, Tuesday-Saturday. Full time workers are preferred, but part time will also be considered. You must at least have availability Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The job requires commitment now through the end of November. But there is potential to go year round.

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