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Posted: Saturday, September 12, 2020
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Position Description

About the Role

Facilitate the Mycorrhizal Applications research program, under the direction of the Global Research Manager, focused on mycorrhizal fungi isolate selection, characterization, plant interactions, plant rhizosphere and in vitro production research.

In alignment with corporate goals and objectives, this position will play a vital role in the discovery and early development of new isolates as well as providing technical support to existing business activities.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Provide hands-on scientific expertise and technical support in conducting experiments with plants and mycorrhizal fungi, both in-vivo and in-vitro conditions
  • Conduct greenhouse and laboratory experiments
  • Conduct quality evaluation of products and new technologies
  • Collect samples and analyze according to protocol objectives
  • Participate in cross-functional new product development and product life cycle management projects
  • Coordinate (bio)safety regulations in all work areas
  • Facilitate in-vivo and in-vitro production research of mycorrhizal fungi isolates
  • Maintain in-vitro production of mycorrhizal fungi isolates


  • Relevant and consequential hands-on experience working with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and plants
  • Demonstrated ability to design and execute experiments, organize, statistically analyze and interpret data
  • Prior experience in maintaining fungal cultures, staining techniques and in-vitro cultures
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct molecular/biochemical research with focus on PCR techniques, molecular identification and sequencing
  • Demonstrated proficiency with mycological and microbiological techniques, plant tissue culture and bacterial transformation
  • Hands-on experience in conducting greenhouse plant bioassays
  • Prior experience in plant nutrition and/or plant-soil microorganisms’ interactions is a definite plus
  • Working familiarity with the maintenance and archiving of laboratory documents and SOP’s including electronic notebooks
  • Basic microscopy experience with plant and/or fungal samples.
  • Must have excellent organizational, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Fluency in computational skills


  • B.S/ M.S. degree in Microbiology, Mycology, Botany, Plant Physiology or related field with at least 2 to 4 (B.S.) or 0 to 2 (M.S.) years of relevant experience in all or most of the areas mentioned under “Experience”


  • Domestic/International travel: 10-15%

About Mycorrhizal Applications

Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) is the worlds leading supplier of mycorrhizal soil inoculant products. MA researches, produces, and markets mycorrhizal fungi which accelerate plant vigor by greatly increasing the surface absorbing area of roots, producing a healthier root system. These specialized fungi colonize plant roots to create a symbiotic root-and-mycelial network within the surrounding soils, increasing efficiency in nutrient and water absorption to optimize plant health and vigor. MA's MycoApply line of mycorrhizal inoculants is utilized by landscapers, farmers, forest nurseries, restoration & erosion control specialists, greenhouses, soil media manufacturers, and professional horticulturalists to maximize plant success and improve return on investment. MA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences Corporation.

At Mycorrhizal Applications, we harness the power and wisdom of natural systems to promote living soils and increase quality, productivity, and health in all industries involving soils, plants, and people.

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