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Posted: Saturday, September 12, 2020
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Position Description

We are a small, family farm raising poultry for eggs on pasture, and certified organic crops including fruit, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Our farm is small and personal, and we strive to raise our animals in the best environment possible. We are committed to the principles of organic growing and are certified organic by MOFGA. This job will most likely start in late September, 2020.

About the Job

We are seeking an additional crew member for the Fall/Winter/Spring season. Gain experience with small-scale farming of a diversity of crops. The job includes a range of fieldwork including transplanting, small orchard maintenance, harvesting, washing, packing, greenhouse work, and delivery. Employment activities rotate and are seasonal, beginning in late September and going through June 2021 (approx. 20-24 hrs./wk.). Tuesday-Wednesday-Saturday schedule — though flexibility is a possibility. The goal would be to eventually place the majority of daily chores in your hands.

You will have the opportunity to work on a full spectrum of farm activities: 

  • caring for and cleaning Laying hens & ducks 
  • feeding and watering animals, collecting eggs, cleaning coops
  • helping to plan farm events
  • spreading compost
  • fixing fences
  • cutting wood
  • mixing potting soil and seeding transplants, caring for seedlings
  • setting up an irrigation system
  • preparing beds and transplanting seedlings
  • weeding & cultivating with hand tools
  • setting up trellises for tomatoes, pruning tomatoes
  • opening and closing greenhouse
  • harvesting, washing, and packing vegetables
  • delivering produce & flower orders
  • prepping beds
  • cultivation/weeding of beds being managed for vegetables
  • applying organic orchard sprays, harvesting fruits and vegetables
  • general farm and property maintenance

We hope to find someone who is independent, adventurous, detail-oriented, intelligent, friendly, a quick learner, and eager to work hard. Starting with 16 hours of work per week which may increase to 24 hours per week depending upon season and activity;

Job Requirements: 

  • Strong work ethic, pay attention to details, and be able to work quickly.
  • Must work well with a team, and also be willing to work alone.
  • Friendly and passionate about seasonal and sustainable food, must be able to lift at least 50#, heavy lifting is a daily practice.
  • Good physical health with the ability to work long days outdoors during the spring, summer, fall, and to be able to work in cold weather.
  • Needed: Valid driver’s license.
  • Skills in carpentry, mechanics and a love of flower arranging a plus.
  • You will work in all kinds of weather conditions including rain, cold, sun, and breezy with partial clouds.
  • A good sense of humor is always appreciated.
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