Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Carbon Farming Foundation

Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
Full Time
Sunday, November 22, 2020
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Operations Coordinator

Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2020
 Full Time
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 Carbon Farming

Position Description

The Carbon Farming Foundation (CFF) is a newly formed not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the carbon farming industry in Australia. The CFF has the audacious goal to instigate projects that abate or sequester 7 Million tons CO2 e per year, by 2030.

The CFF is on the hunt for an Operations Coordinator to contribute their passion and energy to our vital purpose. The Operations Coordinator is to be the driving force behind supporting the internal organisational organism to thrive. You are the glue that holds everything together, working alongside the CEO to ensure systems, processes and team members are operating at their best. This is a challenging position, requiring a passionate, self-driven, meticulous and process-minded problem solver. Someone who can balance decisiveness with people-care and enquiry. If this sounds like you, then read on for a detailed outline of what this is all about (we figured you will be a details person, so hope we have covered everything).

Our Organisation

The CFF exists to rapidly scale carbon sequestration and emission reduction activities in the Australian food and agriculture sector. CFF intends to super-charge carbon farming as a nature-based-solution to climate change, to enhance biodiversity and holistically regenerate landscapes nation-wide.

We will do this by:

  1. Developing open-source RnD projects that tangibly demonstrate new approaches to carbon farming;
  2. Delivering professional services to food and agriculture companies to support the transition to net-zero emissions; and
  3. Strategically investing in the development of the products and services needed for the carbon farming industry to have the capacity to rapidly scale-up

The CFF is a newly formed Not-For-Profit Company with a hybrid-social-enterprise structure. We believe in the profit-for-purpose mantra and will pursue business activities where all profits are reinvested in our mission.

Our small founding team is based in Margaret River, Western Australia and we plan to operate nationwide in the coming years.

The role:

You will work alongside the CEO to develop, implement and oversee all operational systems and processes needed for the CFF to thrive. The core purpose of this role is to support the team to function at their maximum capacity. 

As a small organisation this position currently covers a mix of operational coordination, company administration and team support. For now, this role is somewhat fluid and a degree of flexibility is essential. This evolving position will provide the opportunity for continuous personal development and the potential to shape a long-term role to suit your strengths and passions.

A comprehensive position description will be negotiated as part of the recruitment process to align to the successful applicant’s skillset. Some of the tasks we anticipate being included in the role are:

  • Financial oversight of the business. Liaising between our team, customers, bookkeeper and accountant to ensure the books are always up to date. Working with the team to coordinate budgeting and planning.
  • Government compliance, reporting and administration associated with our ACNC charity endorsement, deductible gift recipient status and subsidiary business entities.
  • Risk management, insurance, quality control, OH&S and incident reporting.
  • HR administration and managing employee contracts.
  • Preparing professional documents such as project reports, grant applications, grant funding acquittals or presentations (in collaboration with the CEO).
  • Handling general enquiries and external communication.
  • Office administration, general project management and any day-to-day support tasks required.
  • Contract administration and oversight of third-party contractors.
  • Supporting the CEO with all aspects of his role.
  • Assisting the team with planning and management processes to monitor their own KPIs and deliverables. 
  • Nurturing staff wellbeing, assisting the development of learning plans and coordinating team building activities.

Who we are looking for:

This position will suit a process-driven thinker, with proven experience as an organisational problem solver and team enabler. If you need rigid hierarchical structure, established processes and simple repetitive tasks, this isn’t the position for you. You will be the kind of person who teases out all the details, feelings and opinions associated with a problem; then analyses the pros and cons of different solutions. You are naturally a list-maker and planner. You will have no problem taking action, thinking on the fly and getting things done quickly. You will most likely have been previously involved in successful start-up businesses.

Passion alignment:

Above all you will be deeply connected to the purpose of The CFF. We will be able to see tangible lifestyle choices or activities (no matter how small) that show us how your personal values align to our purpose.


  • Self-directed, motivated and dependable.
  • Organised, structured and meticulous.
  • Inquisitive, empathetic and self-reflective, always looking for the root cause of a problem.
  • Gets a kick out of helping others and removing roadblocks.
  • Communication comes easy and you are not afraid to speak your mind.
  • Active, decisive and determined.
  • Resourceful and open-minded, working without guidelines comes naturally.
  • Not precious about hierarchy, protocol, procedures or rule books - unnecessary processes frustrate you.
  • Convergent thinker who likes to focus on ‘getting things done’, rather than creative explorations.
  • A team player who knows their limitations and is not afraid to ask for help.

Skills & experience:

  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role.
  • Experience and/or qualifications in finance, commerce or business management.
  • Digital native who loves tech tools.
  • Expert written and verbal communicator.
  • Experience in the environmental or agriculture sectors is advantageous.
  • Relevant life experiences or volunteering related to environmental causes will be highly regarded.


Work environment and compensation

We are building an organisation to reflect the world we all want to live in. Our work philosophy is centred around individual freedom, trust and accountability. We do not have timesheets or set work hours, but rigorously commit to delivering on our promises. This creates a fast paced but incredibly flexible work environment that allows people to operate by their own natural rhythm and in a way that embraces life outside of work.

We are an open and inclusive team that celebrates diversity in all its shapes and forms. This is 2020! We encourage applicants from all walks of life.

Compensation will be competitive based on experience and relevant qualifications. We are open to adapting this role for the right candidate, with the opportunity for this to be a 3-5 day per week position.

The position is based in the beautiful region of Margaret River, South Western Australia. While we would love you to share our home base, we are also open to applicants who can do an initial intensive period (3-6 months) in Margaret River, but prefer to work from further afield long-term. 


To apply please forward a recent CV and provide a cover letter that demonstrates why you are the right person for this role and how our organisational purpose resonates with your own life.

Interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.

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