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Posted: Sunday, October 11, 2020
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Position Description

Join our growing team dedicated to Regenerative Agriculture, in order to regenerate grazing land and topsoil, increase biodiversity, increase resilience to drought, and increase the vitality of grazing both in Australia and around the world. We provide decision support tools for planned-grazing and holistic farm management. Join a growing revolution that can help change the face of agriculture as we know it. 

Our friendly team is mostly co-located in Sydney, but we also have several remote workers and stakeholders. We are growing and looking forward to welcoming you to a newly created role of Full Stack Automation Testing Engineer. We've created this role to ensure our current product and future features are released smoothly and our customers continue to rave about our products.

Initially, you will focus on turning our manual regression test cases into automated test cases to reduce cycle time prior to new releases. Once that is achieved, your focus will change to full BDD lifecycle and developing new software features and proving their effectiveness using Cucumber automation tests.

You will be great at your new role because you:

  • are a great communicator
  • love to collaborate with others
  • have amazing prioritisation skills
  • have a positive attitude when faced with solving problems
  • enjoy learning 
  • have experience with Cucumber, Jira, Confluence and SAAS and
  • can work effectively while under pressure to meet deadlines.

These qualities mean you exceed the expectations of your role with consistent:

  • delivery of testing in an efficient way, meeting the outcomes of the project
  • refining of the testing processes so there are always improvements 
  • insights and solutions provided as you accurately record normal, recurring and critical incidents, identifying patterns and opportunities for improvements 
  • escalation of concerns in a timely manner to enable relevant stakeholders to address defects
  • formalisation of processes and procedures as the Testing framework is developed and refined
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