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Why we exist:

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the global food system. Agriculture is changing rapidly to meet the dual challenges of feeding an ever growing population, while also operating within the boundaries of our natural resources. But more than that, there is growing recognition that there is no industry on earth with greater potential to have a positive impact on climate change than agriculture. The great opportunity is for agriculture to take its role in regenerating the land, water cycles and human health, through the adoption of new technologies and practices.

This massive transformation will require the best and brightest minds. It will need brilliant farmers, creative advisors, reliable contractors, wise educators and a workforce of dedicated staff all working together towards a unified goal.

But this is where the problem lies. Globally agriculture has a talent crisis. The average age of farmers in most developed countries is 60 years old. Young people are discouraged from agriculture careers and it is harder than ever to find good staff, experienced managers and trusted contractors. Let alone finding those with niche skills in sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. Access to high quality training and talent is the single biggest factor holding back the advancement of the agriculture industry.

That’s where we come in.

We provide access to the world’s best training, job opportunities, skilled staff and expert service providers.


Get connected to the world’s best independent agribusiness advisors, contractors, educators and consultants. Our network of carefully selected freelancers and agencies have a wide range of expertise to support your business to thrive in the changing global marketplace, make the most of technology and help your business to move beyond sustainability.


Search and compare the worlds top training opportunities in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, agtech, business management, direct marketing and more. We list the very best workshops, courses, internships, incubators, study tours, online programs and vocational training. The talent marketplace is the place to get skilled-up for the future of agriculture or promote your programs to a global audience.


We know that finding and retaining the best talent is the most important factor to the success of agribusinesses. Our fully integrated recruitment service seamlessly matches the perfect candidates to the most exciting opportunities in sustainable and regenerative agribusinesses.

The future is regenerative

Beyond sustainability

The great opportunity is for agriculture to assign degenerative farming practices to history, move beyond notions of sustainability and instead advance towards regeneration as a goal. Agriculture practices that build soil health, bring biological systems back to life, nurture the water cycle, promote biodiversity, drawdown atmospheric carbon and enhance nutrient density in food are the key to this transformation.

While our platform is open to anyone to use, we focus on supporting agribusinesses and people who are caring stewards of the land. We don’t care whether you subscribe to carbon farming, no-till, conservation agriculture, zero-waste, sustainability, biological farming, polyculture farming, holistic management, mob grazing, silvo-pasture, regenerative, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, spray free or anything in between. We believe the future of global agriculture demands a push towards landscape restoration, efficiency, zero waste, ethical production and restoring ecosystem function. We will support this transition however we can.

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