Organic Farming

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Organic Farming

Online Course

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What will you learn?

Study organic farming and learn to farm animals or crops using organic, biodynamic, eco-farming techniques.

Demand for organic produce has boomed over recent years and supermarkets from Australia to England now devote significant shelf space to organic produce, and organic certification schemes have emerged and flourished. This course has the potential to transform the way you think about farming. Your knowledge and understanding of organic methods will grow. You will begin to see possibilities for applying ideas and techniques from various organic farming approaches; perhaps on a property, you already own or work on, and maybe elsewhere.

For some this course will expand your potential for employment or business, for others, it will be an opportunity to learn more about an idea that you have a passion for, and to explore ways to use what you learn in your daily living. You are likely to never view farming quite the same way after completing this course; and with that different outlook as a foundation, your knowledge and experience of organic farming can only grow as you move forward.

What You Will Do

  • Investigate Organic industry such as certifying organisations, producers or organic farming groups in your locality or region
  • Determine allowable inputs to an organic farm certifying in your area
  • Discuss how an organic farm requires more labour than a conventional farm
  • Visit an organic farm, either a real visit or virtual visit if that is not possible
  • Prepare a plan for an organic farm
  • Describe the conversion process for one of the organic farms
  • Investigate organic market potential
  • Prepare a compost heap Prepare a diagram of a healthy soil food web
  • Prepare a weed collection (25 weeds –either pressings or illustrations)
  • Determine appropriate weed control within allowable organic farming limits.
  • Describe the life cycle of three animal parasites
  • Describe habitat requirements of various predatory insects
  • Survey one or more farms regarding animal production systems
  • How can the animals above be integrated into a vegetable or fruit production system
  • Determine organic solutions to different farming problems
  • Investigate different pasture management systems.

Who is this Course for?

Whether you are a farmer or hobby farmer or consultant - this course will benefit you.


AUD $710
Within Australia AUD $710.60 inc GST

Outside Australia AUD $646.00

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100 hours

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