Innovation Series: Is the grass always greener?

B.linc Innovation
New Zealand
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Innovation Series: Is the grass always greener?

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What will you learn?

Regenerative agriculture has been a hotbed for debate in recent times in New Zealand. Does the term 'regenerative agriculture' suggest that conventional farming is 'de generative'? Where is the disconnect between those advocating for regenerative farming practice and those doubting the practice? What research needs to be undertaken to prove/disprove both the efficiency and effectiveness of regenerative practices?

We have 3 regenerative agriculture experts joining us for our next Innovation Series event to discuss how they define regenerative agriculture, where/whether regenerative agriculture has its place in the future of NZ sustaininable farming practice and where the future of the regenerative agriculture debate may go to next.

This is an information session for those wanting to ask questions around the regenerative agriculture shift from experts who have either worked with farmers working on their own regenerative farming practice or have/are current farmers implementing regenerative practices on their own soil.

The opinions of panelists does not necessarily constitute the opinion of B.linc Innovation or parent organisation, Lincoln University. The intention of this event is to provide information on personal perspectives of regenerative agriculture culture. Future events are planned to facilitate a discussion around the appropriation of regenerative agriculture for the NZ landscape.


8.30am: Arrival

8.45am: Breakfast & networking

9.05am: Welcome & introduction

9.15am: Keynote address 1:

Sam Lang (Nuffield Scholar, Independent Researcher, Former Shepherd, Former Stock Manager)

Sam currently works with a range of Crown Research Institutes, farmers and those part of the Quorum Sense network in order to grow and support the transformation of NZ farm and food systems. This works in tandem with Sam's goal to improve the wellbeing of NZ land and communities. He works mostly through a farmer/community-driven innovation approach that integrates grassroots creativity and pragmatism with the wider far-food system. Sam has conducted research on not only NZ systems, but has spent a considerable amount of time conducting research on food and farming systems in Europe.

9.30am: Keynote address 2:

Emily House (Technical Advisor - 5th Business Agri)

Emily currently works with farmers across New Zealand to improve stock wellness. Emily knows that stock wellness is highly dependant on diet and finds working with farmers to improve animal performance and efficiency, incredibly rewarding. She knows the correlation between enhanced animal production and the reduction in agricultural emissions and has made it her passion to improve animal efficency in NZ farming. Emily has previously worked as a government geologist in Australia where she gained extensive experience in soils and enjoys applying this knowledge to soil nutrition and animal health.

9.45am: Keynote address 3 :

Jono Frew (Farmer, Co-founder - Quorum Sense, Mental Health Advocate)

Jono Frew has extensive experience working in dairy, arable, sheep and beef farming and became an award-winning farm manager but an accident left Jono rethinking his career. This saw him taking a side step into agricultural spraying and fertislising. Jono then moved on from there with a brand new mind set and a mission to understand what really was best for people, farm and environment. Jono now enjoys bringing academia and innovative farming together through his new venture, Quorum Sense Charitable Trust, with the aim to help farmers reach new levels of profitability, resilience and joy from regenerative farming.

10.00am: Panel discussion/interative Q&A session with the audience

10.30am: Speaking finishes, networking

11.00am: Event finishes


AUD $5

Locations and Dates

Canterbury , New Zealand Tuesday, August 25, 2020


8:45 am - 11:00 am NZST

More Information

For more information please go to the following link: B.linc Innovation