Keyline Planning and Silvopasture at Porch View Farm

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Keyline Planning and Silvopasture at Porch View Farm

Online Webinar

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What will you learn?

Join Keith Ohlinger of Porch View Farm and Michael Heller of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Clagett Farm for a webinar on "Keyline and Grazing."

Keyline design is a landscaping technique that maximizes the beneficial use of the water resources of a tract of land. The "keyline" denominates a specific topographic feature related to the natural flow of water on the tract. Keyline planning uses a system of principles and techniques for developing rural and urban landscapes to optimize use of their water resources.

This event will include a discussion of how Keith uses Keyline Planning to enhance the farm's silvopasture system and rotational grazing practices. Porch View Farm takes a holistic approach to production: trees, animals, and forages are integrated as a whole system, rather than separate pieces. As Keith describes it, "I wanted to create a “Garden of Eden” bursting with life - a place that was profitable as a business, supplied us with healthy food and supported all of the natural ecology."


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Locations and Dates

Online Friday, August 7, 2020


12:00 am - 2:00 am PHT

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